Testimonials from our clientsTestimonials from our clients

"I don’t know where to begin thanking all of you for you help. Without Safe Youth, we would not be able to help her the way we did. It was a very emotional time for all of us, and EVERYONE at Safe Youth was outstanding and should be applauded for the work that you do. Our family was having a very hard time dealing with this situation, the staff was remarkable and very understanding… You are truly lifesavers."

— Julie S, Michigan

"Everything went smoothly this morning. The escorts were very professional, kind and understanding during a very stressful time for everyone involved. Thank you for your help."

— Mr. and Mrs. C. New York, NY

"[We] really appreciate all that you and Sean and Greg did for us. The [escort] went much better than I had expected or hoped. Thanks again, and please feel free to pass my name and number along to anyone who is considering your service."

— Mr. B, Atlanta, GA

"I want to thank you for a job well done."

— Steve B, Nashville, TN

"How can I ever begin to appropriately thank you…for all "the magic" you worked this week with [my family]. Your professionalism, your compassion, your diligence and continued dedication to helping the families we serve are so appreciated and valued by us."

— Educational Consultant, Atlanta, GA

"You were so patient, considerate and calming with our many phone calls, faxes, and emails, and we truly appreciated it. Your experience and professionalism made what was a most difficult time go smoothly and comfortably for us and [our daughter] as well."

— Mr. and Mrs. F Paramus, NJ

"Thank you so much for the care and effort you put into the transport of our daughter. We were confident from the beginning that she was in good hands."

— Patti C, Rockville, MD

"Thank you for making [the enclosed family] photograph possible and helping our girl find her way home. We will be forever grateful."

— Doug

"Thank you all for helping me save my son’s life. You all were so professional, caring, gentle but firm escorting [him] to [his program]…I was so desperate to help my son. Its so nice to know there is help!"

— Tori P

"There are no words to thank you for all that you did to help us get [our daughter] to Utah. Your patience and your understanding will always be remembered."

— Anne S, New York, NY